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Trailers (10 to 20 Tons)

The rental of trucks and semi-trailers has experienced a high growth rate for some time. More and more transport companies rent equipment to cover peak demand or manage professional outsourcing for mobile parks.

Whether you need immediate access to extra trailers or if you want to change a type of asset in the short term, we always offer you a flexible solution at a competitive price. With our customer service teams to excellence, you can be sure that all of our trailers are maintained to the highest standards, guaranteeing total operational efficiency. We consider trailer uptime as the standard!

Trailers can carry loads of 14 tons to 18 tons and are utilized as moving trucks. They are commonly used to transport household appliances and items like detergents.

It doesn’t require strenuous efforts to clean the box crates. Since they are simple cages so you can easily clean them up. Additionally, there are no sharp corners for where soil and grimes can get aggregated, subsequently, you clean the crates at whatever point required.

  • General Terms:

Weekly and Monthly hire: If construction equipment is hired on weekly or monthly basis we provide equipment with operators but without diesel which is to be provided by client;

Daily hire: If construction equipment hired on daily basis we provide equipment with operators and included diesel cost;

Payment terms: We provide credit facilities only to our permanent clients, otherwise all payments should by cash/bank transfer in advance or as a PDC.

LPO: The job considered confirmed if we receive signed and stamped LPO from the client.