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Cranes (20 to 500 Tons)

In most cases, for medium-sized and small businesses it is profitable to rent a forklift loader in Eastern Province and other cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If long-term operation of warehouse equipment is not intended, renting a telehandler forklift will allow the organization to quickly and efficiently solve problems related to transportation, loading and unloading.

Thanks to this type of service, the company saves money. Rental trucks is the best solution for companies engaged in seasonal work. Thanks to the rental of forklift loaders in Eastern Province or other cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • General Terms:

Weekly and Monthly hire: If construction equipment is hired on weekly or monthly basis we provide equipment with operators but without diesel which is to be provided by client;

Daily hire: If construction equipment hired on daily basis we provide equipment with operators and included diesel cost;

Payment terms: We provide credit facilities only to our permanent clients, otherwise all payments should by cash/bank transfer in advance or as a PDC.

LPO: The job considered confirmed if we receive signed and stamped LPO from the client.